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Alannah Anderson

24 x 24 inches 

Mixed Media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

This was created on camera during the Milan Art Club "Outstanding Artist Series 2" - "Far Things Near" episode, main challenge. We were encouraged to trust our intuition, let go of 'left brain' control thinking, and really flow with our inner compass. The painting evolved over the course of 4 hours. With no preconceived idea of how it would turn out, I went instinctually to the colors that feel most like myself when using them. It started with neon pink, orange and quinacridone reds, followed by dark mark making with pens and ink. Over time, what evolved felt like a message of evangelism. It spoke powerfully to me as a congregation of people, lighting others around it - and how our art is working to bring people close to God. This painting brings a charismatic energy into the room with layers of detail that will capture your imagination time and time again.

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