Nalini Joshi

'Feel the slow Life…'

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Nalini Joshi

Nalini Joshi is a contemporary visual artist residing in Mumbai, India. While naturally inclined to the arts throughout her life, she gave up her successful corporate career to pursue her passion for painting in the year 2019. A self-learnt artist, she honed her techniques and talent through a mastery program in art from Milan Art Institute, Georgia, under the guidance of her coach and artist John Milan.

She published her first collection of seven paintings on her social media handles in Nov 2020 and was sold out within a week. It spiralled into more work and commissions and was soon followed by her first exhibition as a solo show at the iconic Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India in February 2022.

Her art reflects her journey. She believes in living a life of gratitude and patience. A firm believer in destiny and purposeful living, she trusts that every soul has a journey of its own which unfolds with each new day, and it is beyond our judgement. Nalini appreciates and advocates a pace of life that allows one to cherish each moment that life brings along, and so does her art.

Her influences include experiences of growing up and living in a cheerful, fascinating family, enjoying the essence of simple living while moving across various towns and cities and parts of the world, where she developed an appreciation for diverse local cultures, flora and fauna, language, music and art forms. 

Nalini describes her style as abstract impressionistic & surrealistic. She endeavours to connect with the viewer through a living energy that radiates from each of her works. This is achieved through the use of atmosphere, intermingled imagery, inclusion of  elements, marks, lines and values. The colours are mostly muted with contrasting hues which gives the paintings the desired mood. She conceptualizes and executes her paintings with interesting details. 

Nalini paints mixed media and oil on canvas and on archival paper. Her mediums include oil paints, acrylic, charcoal, graphite, spray paints and ink. 

“We are limited by our vision…answers and reasons lie beyond what meets the human eye. Slow down..cut the noise.. listen. 

Life never fails to amaze me as it unfolds like a new leaf each day, unique and untouched. Just like an evergreen book or a musical, it comes with its many flavours and hues – sweet or sour, dark or light, monochromatic or bursting with colour!

A full life is one where you embrace all your emotions, breathing in all the experiences that come your way in all their myriad colours. A life in which you feel pure gratitude and bliss for being alive. 

I feel greatly inspired to create art that expresses human experiences and emotions in all their hues and glory. By experimenting with diverse elements, multiple layers, dream-like imagery and bringing them together to mirror vignettes of life, I attempt to spread harmonious vibes through my work.” 

 Originals by Nalini

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