Let's meet Brittnee Sylvester!

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Let's meet Brittnee Sylvester!

At Art Social Gallery we have many amazing unique artists, but who are they ? What inspires them and what can we learn from them?

Today we interviewed Brittnee Sylvester. An artist who makes beautiful abstracts and figurative paintings. In this blog we will dive a bit deeper into her world of art.

Hi Brittnee, where you're from? 

I grew up in California but have lived on the outskirts of Seattle Wa for the last 15 years.

What do you love to paint?

I love to just paint. I don’t have a specific genre or subject I confine myself in. I paint from my heart and paint through things I am inspired from. I really love the freedom abstracts provide, and really anything that I feel is impactful to myself and my collectors.

Have you always been a painter?

I have not always been a professional painter, I grew up wanting to be an artist but was told it was beyond my reach and an “unacceptable” profession. I worked in corporate America for a long time before I felt too restricted and that I was not happy nor making an impact on others. It wasn’t until I took the mastery program through Milan Art Institute that I really started to believe in myself and my art. 

Artist Brittnee Sylvester

What do you love most about your job?

I love the connections I get to make with people of every walk of life, and knowing I’m making those connections from something I created out of a blank canvas and some paints. 

 Are you able to make a living of it?

Yes, in fact I make more money painting and doing what I love than when I was working a steady job in the medical field. 

 What do you hope to achieve in 5 years?

I hope to open a brick and mortar open studio, with a section being a gallery. But unlike most galleries out there I want it to be focused on shining light on young emerging artists, and artists within the youth of my community. My purpose in that is to show young people what I wasn’t shown, that you can do what you love and still be successful. 

 In what kind of space would you love to hang your art?

I want my art to be in places where people are affected by what I create. That when they look at my paintings, they feel emotion and inspiration. I want my art to be a conversation starter and promote human to human relationships. 

 What inspires you?

Honestly, I find myself inspired by pretty much anything. Nature, animals, music, my children, my husband. The limit does not exist in where you can find inspiration.

What artists do you admire?

I think the easiest or expected answer would be any artist within the renaissance era. And it is Leonardo da Vinci that first had me really intrigued and wanting to learn more about art, however; for me I think it has to be prehistoric artists. It both fascinates and amazes me that art has been apart of the human culture for as long as humans have been around. It makes me really feel that art is essential to humanity and that artists have an important and vital role in culture. 

How do you get in touch with your collectors?

Social media is the easiest way to reach a very wide audience, and that is my first form of communication. I also heavily work on community engagement and I am always out within my community making connections that way. 

What would your dream studio look like?

A wide open studio, wall to ceiling windows,  with easy access to the outdoors. I would love exposed beams and or piping, something that feels very raw and comforting. Something makes a big impact and makes me inspired to paint everyday.

 What has been your coolest project so far?

I got contracted out through a corporation to do 12 paintings in one week as well as a very large graphic design mural-it really was an impossible job. I didn’t sleep but I did make my deadline, and they flew me out to California for the grand opening of this new location and had me paint live and get to see all my work up in their space. I do have some things in the works that just might too that though! Stay tuned for that!

Brittnee Sylvester Art Show

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Will anything be different ?

In 5 years, my goal is to have everything be different on a larger scale, but at the same time, much the same. I am hoping to grow to where I have my art in every county with collectors all over the world connecting to my art. I would also love to travel to showcase my art in different parts of the country.

I am planning on expanding on the mural side of my business, and having my open studio space. My main goal is to grow and affect as many people as possible through my art.

But I also don’t want to change in a way that I am no longer connecting on a personal level with my collectors. Because that is what my art represents. Connection with others. Being able to connect with every single collector or potential collector and making and nurturing those relationships is extremely important to me and I don’t want to lose that aspect as I go forward into my many goals for the future. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just that, I absolutely love making art, and painting. Being able to show my four young kids that you can be happy and do what you truly love in life and be successful is very much attainable, is truly something I am so thankful for every single day. I also hope that I continue to impact people’s lives by the paintings I pour my heart into.


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