Dalia Shahin

'Live with happiness paintings every day.'

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Dalia Shahin

I was born and raised in Egypt and since I was young, I've been influenced by the Egyptian culture from historical and popular stories and the various types of arts that I see in my daily life everywhere... from Pharaonic art, Roman art in Alexandria, churches full of spiritual icons, Islamic mosques decorated with patterns and Arabic calligraphy...from all of this, my personality was formed and my fascination with this great culture was translated into paintings and scribbles since I was a child...More than twenty years ago, I wanted to travel to Cairo, where art and artists are...because I live In a small city in Egypt....but my work and raising my children prevented me from achieving my dream....and despite the caged bird inside me, I always had hope that one day I would achieve my dream...and two years ago I knew the Milan Art Institute in America and I got so excited to learn art with it, but my English is weak... so what should I do?

I had two choices... Either I would give up my dream, or I would choose the challenge and fight for my dream... I chose to study art and study English as well... It was difficult, but fun too... And after Two years of studying art, I am now 49 years old... I am very happy with the realization of my dream and I hope that my story is inspiring to everyone who reads it.... I have a beautiful family... My husband supports me a lot and helps me to achieve my dream and my son created  my wonderful website for me.. I have two daughters who help me photograph paintings and create amazing videos... What a beautiful dream came true! 

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