Eva Bratopoulou

'Believe in your own magic.'

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Eva Bratopoulou

Eva Bratopoulou is Greek and grew up on the enchanting island of Spetses, Greece. Her interest in painting began at a very young age. Since her childhood Eva has been practicing and experimenting either with watercolor, pencils or collages.

 Paper wasn’t enough for Eva, so she covered every wall in her room with paintings that her family loved and kept for years.

As a youth, she started writing stories that involved animals, fairies and ocean creatures. She lived through her fairytales and her ideal life.

When she was in High School her teachers used her artwork in order to decorate School’s walls. She studied Marketing and Advertising at the University of Crete. Her inner need for creativity was expressed by creative promotional videos and advertising campaigns. She graduated with high honors.

After graduation she worked at an advertising company in Athens where she was responsible for organizing events, writing press releases and creating print ads. In 2010 she returned to Spetses Island, where she decided to pursue a career in finance. She succeeded in the national examinations required to obtain a permanent work position at the National Bank of Greece. At that time she decided to pursue her childhood passion by attending “Spetses Art Workshop” under the guidance of the painter, Demi Tasiouli and artwork restorer, Alexandros Tsironis. Her passion for art grew as she graduated from the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program. 

In 2022 she participated in the American reality show “THE OUTSTANDING ARTIST”.

Her artwork feels mysterious, magical, feminine and dreamy with a spiritual sense. She does not only paint precisely shells or ocean creatures, but she also captures and depicts the emotional connection she has to the sea. She seeks to express her deepest thoughts and the fascinating mysteries in her heart.

Since 2011 Eva Bratopoulou has participated in 25 collective art exhibitions and has presented 6 solo exhibitions. Collectors from all over the country and abroad have bought her artworks.

“I wish to inspire those who see my artwork, to discover their inner truth, to sink into their deepest thoughts and feelings and to say “Yes” to their destiny in order to live a life full of wonders.

In my Art you will see a combination of underwater and galactic subjects. The ocean shells and creatures are lightened by galactic light.

For me, everything that has to do with depths, everything that exists under the surface of the sea, represents our inner powers and the treasures we all hide deep inside: talents, deep feelings, love, hope…

Everything that has to do with the galactic element symbolizes our true abilities, our strong potential and the magical journey we can experience if we believe in our own magic.”

 Originals by Eva Bratopoulou

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