Jessi Dahlquist

'Born to stand out!'

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Jessi Dahlquist

Jessi Dahlquist is a contemporary pop artist from Huntington Beach, California. Jessi's artwork is a bold and colorful combination of abstraction and pop art that she has personally developed. She studied at the Milan Art Institute and now works from her beachside studio as a professional artist. She is currently a mentor to students all over the world at the Milan Art Institute. She had a pivotal role in creating the Orange County Creative Conference, where speakers from all over the world gather to encourage and empower artists in Southern California.

Jessi Dahlquist's story is a story of transformation; transformation from dark to light and from hiding to standing out! Afraid of being herself in her early years, Jessi later turned to drugs and was a heroin addict for seven years. After her life turned around, Jessi worked as a counselor. She still has a deep passion for healing and growing from the inside out. Her artwork shows the beauty of our inner workings through abstraction. She loves to partner with the divine and see what will come out of her brush. Her process involves zero planning and a lot of surprises. She wants the meaning to reveal itself to her and the viewer, no the other way around.

'I am passionate about the unique inner beauty found in each and every person on earth. I grew up believing that I was boring and unworthy of attention... that I needed to change in order to be loved. The undoing of this lie has become my message to the world. I paint bold women who are embracing their unique voice. I have spent endless hours developing a style that feels true to myself. I like to keep things unplanned and spontaneous as I create. I am drawn to bright colors, mark making and pattern. The painting reveals itself to me as I go. One step leads to the next and I get to watch it unfold. I enjoy the surprise and the secret message from heaven in every piece!'

Originals by Jessi


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