Julie Celina

'Authentic connections create understanding'

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Julie Celina

The Danish artist, Julie Celina, started creating art as a very young child, and ever since she was a kid her favourite subject to paint was people from all over the world. At age 13 Julie Celina started drawing hyper-realistic drawings of people, and she started selling her art at 15. Throughout the years Julie Celina experimented further with different mediums and eventually developed her unique style in art when she fell in love with oil paint.

Julie Celina’s deep inspiration for people led her to take her studies further. After having finished her bachelor's degree in social anthropology at University her fascination with people developed into a love and faith in humanity, which she strives to express in her art. Both her travels and studies of different cultures have left Julie Celina deeply humbled with respect for the struggles that minorities face in this world. Julie Celina paints to show the beauty she finds in diversity and lets the diversity of both people and nature shine through her art.

In recent years Julie Celina has been inspired more and more by nature, as her collection of house plants have grown, so has the number of plants and natural elements in her paintings. Now more often than not Julie Celina begins new collections of paintings in a communion with the plants around her to directly channel the messages from nature into her art, and thereby give her collectors the opportunity to connect deeper with nature through her art.

Julie Celina’s paintings are made with thin and translucent layers of paint to create a tranquil atmosphere, always finishing her paintings with rich and vibrant oil paint to bring depths and life to the pieces, her intent is always to take the viewer on a journey.

'Art has the ability to connect us with our humanity and help us find where we belong. I portray people and plants from all over the world in my oil paintings with the purpose of reminding us of our unique strengths and connecting us deeper to nature. I strive to see, hear, and appreciate people for who they are through my art.'


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