Linda McClure

'Freedom is Fearless'

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Linda McClure

Linda McClure has always been very creative. Linda Illustrated her first published book at the age of Sixteen. She went on to major in Fine Arts at the University of Santa Barbara and graphic arts at California State University Long Beach. Linda also attended the prestigious Milan Institute of Art where she honed her oil painting and mixed media skills.

My paintings are about fearlessness and being yourself at any cost. Anything is possible in the world of my paintings.

—Linda McClure

Linda is restless and constantly moving. Linda said once that she rarely wears two matching socks. “I just have more important things to do! I don’t care what people think.” When she paints, it is fast and powerful. Linda dives into projects and adventures headfirst. It is apparent when you look at her paintings that they embody the excitement she seeks in the world. Linda makes paintings that combine unique animals, birds, flowers, and sea creatures in tableaus rich with interlocking brush strokes of saturated color. Blue horses in clouds prancing with whales in whimsical, abstract backgrounds are subjects you may see in Linda’s work. Linda combines abstraction and surrealism with the soft lovely beauty of nature all around us. Lovers of her art often say they feel pulled into the worlds she creates. Linda wants people to feel that her art embodies her worldview that anything is possible, and life should be explored. 

Linda works out of her beautiful, renovated studio in Long Beach, California. She enjoys views of palm trees and the year-round sunshine glinting off the water she can see from her window. Solo travel is one of Linda’s greatest passions. Many of the subjects in her paintings were inspired by her photos of Africa, Greece, and South America. Linda has exhibited in shows in both Northern and Southern California. She is currently working with a puzzle company interested in licensing her paintings.   

'My art is about freedom and seeking one's own path. As I create, I’m reminded that the next adventure is waiting around the corner. What will you find, learn, or crave in the experiences I paint? I want my art to make you feel the energy and excitement of exploration in life's many wonders.'


 Originals by Linda

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