Mélanie Mercier

'Explore movement, move to live'

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Mélanie Mercier

Mélanie Mercier is a French-Canadian artist. Born in a small rural town, she quickly stood out for her artistic talent. She grew up sharing several passions including drawing, music, rock climbing and horse back riding only to name a few of them. However, it was only recently that she decided to deepen her passion and study at the Milan Art Institute from where she graduated in 2022. Strong by nature, determined and confident, she embarked on this adventure, which today takes more and more space in her life. 

Her paintings appropriate the movement of human and animal bodies. Mixing abstract, expressionist and figurative art her paintings are strong in emotion and color. The artist uses mixed media by mixing inks, acrylics and adds her final touch with oil paint which gives her pieces dimension and texture. She uses bright and vibrant colors that represent her well. Mélanie loves to explore the world and loves the beauty of human and animal athletic qualities. On a canvas she likes to create a scene strong in emotions and high in color.

'I have the desire to transport people and make them experience the emotion that an athlete feels during a race, that a horse feels when he gallops, the movement of a dancing hand, the emotion of an animal in its greatest purity. I want emotions to be transmitted through explosions of color, through the purity of movement or the softness of a look.' 

 Originals by Mélanie

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