Nicole Powell

'Beauty in the Unnoticed'

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Nicole Powell

Nicole Powell is a mixed-media artist who resides in Gilbert, Arizona. Nicole’s heart for those that are often overlooked began when her younger brother was diagnosed with autism, and she became an advocate for him. When she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, she realized a love for learning and discovery. Her love of learning brought her to the Milan Art Institute, where she brought to light a hidden passion for the world of art.

In her paintings, she melds together these two passions into a style that can be described as scientific realism with notes of impressionism. In each painting, she highlights the beautiful, small, and unnoticed aspects of nature. Her process begins with extensive research into her subjects, carefully selected for each painting. Then she creates a drawing in the style of vintage scientific and botanical sketches, which becomes an integral part of the painting. Spray paint, acrylic inks, acrylic and oil paint, and other tools are used to create a beautiful swirl of color that the flora and fauna reside in.

In the future, Nicole wishes to use her influence to aid conservation and restoration causes that focus on saving endangered insects and plants, and protecting unique ecosystems. She also wishes to devote time to causes that help lift up those who have disabilities and spread education and awareness.

“There is beauty in all corners of the world that we often take for granted. It is my aim to draw attention back to the small wonders that exist right at our fingertips.” 

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