Paula Farino

'Windows to the Unseen'

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Paula Farino

Inspired by her father’s artistic talent, Paula Farino began studying art and creating custom pencil portraits at a young age. Winning various awards and scholarships, she went on to study fine art in college and in 2019, completed the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program.  

Today, Paula is a mixed-media oil artist who combines symbolic imagery and abstract elements in a dreamy, expressive style.  Inspired by dreams, she explores spiritual themes she calls “dreamscapes”. She is also passionate about helping others achieve their dreams a coach and mentor for the Milan Art Institute.

Paula lives in Orlando, FL with her husband and three sons. 

'Art is a gift that teaches us to see beauty and illuminates the unseen mysteries of the heart ~the ones beyond life’s veil.'

There is so much more available to us than what our eyes can perceive. The unseen realm is a place of deeper substance where dreams and destinies are awakened.  This is where heaven meets earth and anything is possible for those who believe.  

I believe when I paint, I am creating ‘windows to the unseen’; small glimpses ‘beyond the veil’ that pull heaven a little closer. 

 Originals by Paula


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