Rachel Rozario

'We are tellers of a unique tale, yet all our stories are woven together into one storybook.'

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Rachel Rozario

I'm a mix of Indian and Kadazan-Dusun (ethnic tribe of North Borneo, Malaysia)

My love affair with art began at Sabah’s old State Library where I spend hours browsing through fantasy picture books. As a moody and contemplative kid, I was always lost in storybooks or drawing anything magical.

I kickstarted my art journey with tattooing and discovered the beauty it brings. Along the way I discovered the art of Machine-Free tattooing and within a heartbeat I made the switch.

My curiosity and love for different expressions of art lead me to an intense Mastery Art Program at Milan Art Institute, Georgia United States. This is where I found my love for mix media guided by an unrestrained intuition.

I'm inspired by movement. Be it road-tripping through the midnight sun or trekking on snow-capped mountains.

My deepest desire is to create from within so you'll feel my purity and be inspired to seek it in yourself and come into the fullness of the unique sounds and frequencies that accompany your scrolls of destiny.

My last studio was located on a former paddy field in a laid back rural village call Kuala Penyu in North Borneo. Currently, I'm living in Luxembourg where I teach Art and Drama.

When I’m not tattooing, painting or teaching you can find me out in nature asking questions, exploring new ideas, beings and realms.

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