Rita Vicari

'Unfolding possibilities'

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Rita Vicari

Rita Vicari was born and raised in Lipetsk, Russia. When Rita left her home country in 2015, she had successfully built a career as a professional dancer and received a degree in psychology. For the next three years, she explored Asian culture, specifically South Korea, then made her way to the United States, New Jersey. In 2019, Rita finally found her way to Texas and now lives with her family in Allen, Collin County, just minutes from Dallas, TX.

'Discovering innovative processes that breathe imaginative life into my paintings is what drives me as an artist. I am passionately inspired by my dreamy understanding of the world as it relates to my life. I want to live my best life and surround myself with people that force me to release my creative soul and uncover my innermost potential and capabilities. 

I see every one of my paintings as a love confession, appreciation of beauty and uniqueness of things. I am deeply inspired by dreams and thoughts about the world and life. My art is about being and discovering your best self, surrounding yourself with people, things, thoughts that make your soul bloom and uncover immeasurable potential and possibilities. And always go towards your biggest dreams.'

 Originals by Rita


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