Tanya Aubut

'Be free, be you!'

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Tanya Aubut

Tanya is a french-canadian based artist. Since her young age she was initiated to art and always loved creating. She took the online mastery program in 2020, graduated in 2021, and has been a professional artist since then. Tanya's creative process is mainly focused on mixed media techniques. With her work, she wants to make you feel powerful and limitless when it comes to being your true self.

Tanya is now a part of the coaching team for online students at the Milan art institute. As a mentor Tanya wants to encourage artists to push their limits and experiment as much as possible to discover their unique voice! She enjoys connecting with people,sharing experiences and helping them during their life-changing art journey.

'My work is all about embracing who you are, truly. It’s about assuming every part of you and your creative process with freedom and boldness! I love to incorporate sparkly elements and neon colors because it gives me so much energy and I hope people feel that high energy when they look at my work!'

 Originals by Tanya


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