Kelsey Gilman

Kelsey Gilman

Vintage fashion and the female form inspire me.  I love the structure and poise of 60’s and 70’s style, with their big hair and hats.  I design my own creations, using the language of color, line and composition. I love taking one of my fashion illustrations and elevating it to a large scale, fine art painting.  Keeping a Sketchbook of figure drawings has become a hobby of mine and I make an effort to sketch every day.    

I paint with modeling paste, gel mediums, collage, acrylics and oil paint using spatulas, brushes and palette knives. My works on paper and panels are evidence of my love of line drawing, color, and collage

Each painting is a part of me, expressing what I'm feeling at the time.  It's inspired by fashion, but in the end it's more about capturing an emotion in an abstract way.  They all come down to a girl going where life takes her.

Kelsey Gilman

As a child, Kelsey's earliest dream was to be an artist. She always had a fascination for figures and portraits, After some success painting portraits after graduating High School, she wanted to learn formal art techniques and skills. A few years later she attended the Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute, where she learned formal training in fine art techniques.

Over the years, Kelsey has taken classes and workshops, she considered herself a lifetime student of art with my primary focus being to draw and paint what's authentically to her.

Her art studio in Arizona is her sanctuary, a place she finds joy and peace. 

 Originals by Kelsey