Beauty out of Chaos

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Alannah Anderson

24 x 30 inches 

Mixed Media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas  

What began as a completely free flowing abstract that felt street style and edgy, happened at the very beginning of my portfolio in the Milan Mastery Program. I had been busily making sources and I wanted to break free from this and just explore at my easel. While also wrestling with some big life changes that were happening, life felt like chaos around me, yet total freedom in the process of painting. Experimentally, I added a monotone portrait of a woman staring directly at the viewer. Not competing with the color and chaos, sure in herself and powerful to step forward and be seen. The message I believe this painting brings is, amidst the turmoil and multitude of challenges we face in our lives, we have a choice to fight for our truth and in doing that - see beauty in our journey, no matter the circumstance.

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