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Naïma Moussa

60 x 50 cm

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Euphoria reveals the bursting feeling of love. Joy and splendor which gives us butterflies in our stomach.  A painting I created out of pure intuition and without a source. I let my heart express fully. It is the first painting I created for the serie. 

lluminations is a serie of paintings inspired by Rimbaud's prose poems he wrote between 1872 and 1875. Rimbaud was also a traveler, explorer and even a coffee trader. 

My paintings are inspired by his prose and by the delicacy and beauty of nature. The sensations and romance we feel in its company. The desire to let go and be free. The infinite love and silence it procures. These paintings will provide you I hope many sensations and joy to look at.

A nice synchronicity is that I added a special and rare coffee  (from California) to on each paintings. Also contains collage and gold leaf.  

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