Ritika Aurora

'Daring to break free'

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Ritika Aurora

Ritika Aurora is an Indian artist who loved to paint from a very young age. Majoring high school in fine arts she scored high enough to make it to the top in her town. She then got married and began raising her family and in the process lost herself a bit. After sometime she realized that she needs to live out her passion for art and teach her daughters that it is important to take risks and reach for your dreams.

Inspired to go after true calling she enrolled in an intensive Mastery Program at Milan art Institute,USA studying old masters skills and various techniques. She found her way to bring the beauty of abstraction to life by starting with loose drippy paints and playing with flowing inks that find their own path to having fun with spray paints , markers and pastels.
With multiple layers or various mediums Aurora builds up her paintings to unlock a world if aspirations for others to explore.

Ritika Aurora is a fearless artist and her art is a vehicle to make meaningful connections. She wishes to inspire people to take the plunge into unforeseen lands of the destiny god has planned for them . She wishes to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary.
Before she graduated from Milan Art Institute in Sep2019 she already had her work in online galleries and had a few shows where her art was enthusiastically received.She has been selling her originals and prints internationally.

Ritika lives with her husband and two beautiful daughters who keep motivating her to pursue her passion. She loves to travel and gain new inspiration. She’s been attending artist retreats in Greece and experiencing the unknown is what makes her feel alive.

She’s been Exhibiting her work in international shows in Dubai and Milan. Currently she is working as a personal mentor and coach for Milan art institute USA.

'My paintings are a reflection of my inner world and my art talks about themes of freedom,self actualization and authenticity and how you can bring warmth and liveliness to the world by being you. I aspire to inspire people to take the plunge into their destiny.....embrace themselves and express their individuality and see what life holds for them is greater than their fears.'

 Originals by Ritika


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